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The Movie Defenders

The Movie Defenders podcast is a show dedicated to talking about the best things about the films you love, not tear everything down.

Sep 22, 2020

It's a jam-packed Alien-filled episode as we examine one of the most underappreciated and understood of the Alien franchise, Alien 3! A film that has always caused discussion among movie and Alien fans everywhere, this movie has much more under the covers if one takes a closer look. To help, we've enlisted friend of the show, Brev Tanner (GM Brev for you d20 Radio fans) to break it down with us. (It's a long show for sure, but don't forget there are timestamps and chapter headings to jump around if you like.) This show is so packed, before we talk Alien 3, we discuss things we've watched lately, Donald's progress on his 'The Last of Us' playthrough, and we each pick our Top 5 Bad Ass Movie Heroines (not named Ellen Ripley)! Then we head back into the world Ridley Scott created and discuss David Fincher's first feature film, Alien 3! There is a LOT to talk about in this movie as it is exactly what our show is about... find films that normally get a bad rap, but examine the film and see if it's deserved. So, grab your busted android, don't trust those company men, and shave your head... it's time for Alien 3 on The Movie Defenders podcast!

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  • 00:00:00 Introduction & What We've Watched
  • 00:18:34 Donald Updates Us on His The Last of Us progress
  • 00:42:30 Top 5 Bad Ass Heroines (Not Ripley!)
  • 01:33:37 Alien 3 Discussion Begins
  • 02:11:54 20th Century Fox Fanfare Signals Problems
  • 02:34:25 Ripley Wakes Up
  • 03:00:26 Ripley Meets Prisoners in Mess Hall
  • 03:19:28 Bishop Is Reactivated and Has Bad News
  • 03:27:17 Clemons Tells Ripley His Story
  • 03:54:25 Ripley Asks for Death
  • 04:03:47 Plan of Attack
  • 04:27:13 Weyland Offers Ripley Salvation... Or Does He?