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The Movie Defenders

The Movie Defenders podcast is a show dedicated to talking about the best things about the films you love, not tear everything down.

Jan 18, 2022

It's time to re-discover a hidden gem from the late 1990s, Dark City! A movie that was long dwarfed by The Matrix in a lot of the themes explored by both movies, does Dark City hold up today? We find out and we bring on our great friend, Brett Bowen, to help us dive into this one. Before we talk about the film, however,...

Jan 3, 2022

It's time to dive into the sequel for the very successful Kingsman: Secret Service series with The King's Man! Our amazing friend, Barrett Young joins us for this one as we unpack every moment of the film and play the scenes that shaped the film. There's a lot more here than we thought! Before that, however, we talk...