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The Movie Defenders

The Movie Defenders podcast is a show dedicated to talking about the best things about the films you love, not tear everything down.

Mar 8, 2020

It's time to jump into the Alien Universe for the first time as we review Prometheus! One of our hosts, Scott, is a huge fan of the universe and has read all sorts of supplemental material to fill in the gaps that Ridley Scott purposely left out. We think you'll find you'll learn a lot when you listen to the episode! Will it change your mind or help inform things? We shall see. But before we do that we each give our top 5 sci-fi/horror films of all time. So don't stick your hand in front of an alien snake, don't drink anything an android gives you, and get ready to 'burst' out with excitement as we talk Prometheus on The Movie Defenders podcast!

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  • 00:00:00 Intro and Announcements
  • 00:15:45 Top 5 Sci-Fi/Horror Films of All Time
  • 00:48:48 Prometheus Discussion Start
  • 01:41:35 The Mission Briefing
  • 01:56:38 The Big Room and Vases Are Found
  • 02:12:54 Exploding Heads
  • 02:21:21 David Poisons Holloway
  • 02:38:04 Shaw is Pregnant
  • 02:49:34 Weyland Wakes and Janek Knows His Purpose
  • 02:57:14 The Engineer Wakes Up
  • 03:13:34 The End