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The Movie Defenders

The Movie Defenders podcast is a show dedicated to talking about the best things about the films you love, not tear everything down.

Jan 13, 2019

What's up, Danger? Today, in the longest analysis we've done since The Last Jedi, we talk about a film that needs no defense, but one that demands to be gushed over... Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse! To re-immerse yourself into the Spider-Verse, we play over 20 clips from the film as we unpack and dissect this marvel of a movie. But first we talk about Joe Manganiello teaching D&D at a children's hospital, Carol Burnette's refreshing speech at the Golden Globes, Aquaman pushing 1 Billion at the box office, and The Batman film by Matt Reeves has a finished script. We also debate what are the best action films of the 1990s. As far as the film goes, if you liked the movie, we'll make you love it. If you loved it, we'll make you love it more! So fire up your Super Collider, thwip and release, and put on some Post Malone... it's time to enter the Spider-Verse!


  • 00:01:50 Announcements
  • 00:10:35 Joe Manganiello teaches D&D to a children's hospital
  • 00:17:26 Carol Burnette's Golden Globes speech
  • 00:23:33 Billion Dollar Aquaman
  • 00:25:20 The Batman has a script
  • 00:27:08 5 by 5: Top 5 action movies of the 1990s
  • 00:54:12 Non-Spoiler review begins
  • 01:06:31 Origins of Miles Morales
  • 01:15:42 The animation style
  • 01:22:32 Soundtrack and Score
  • 01:24:17 Chronological spoiler discussion begins
  • 01:24:53 Meet Peter Parker
  • 01:30:46 Meet Miles Morales
  • 01:39:50 Miles and Uncle Aaron tag graffiti under Alchemex
  • 01:47:18 Meet Gwanda?
  • 01:51:20 Miles goes to Alchemex
  • 01:54:45 Peter and the Kingpin & the chase
  • 02:08:50 The world hears the news about Spider-Man & Stan Lee's cameo
  • 02:20:14 Miles meets Peter B. Parker
  • 02:21:05 Miles sticks to everything in Alchemex
  • 02:24:20 Doc Oc intro and 'we don't need the monitor'
  • 02:29:12 Escaping Alchemex
  • 02:34:25 Introducing Spider-Gwen
  • 02:39:31 Kingpin's motivations
  • 02:44:20 Meet Aunt May
  • 02:45:40 Into the Spider-Cave
  • 02:56:41 "Please Uncle Aaron" & the Prowler
  • 03:04:44 The team understands Miles
  • 03:07:28 Peter stops Miles from helping
  • 03:12:15 Jeff talks to Miles through the door
  • 03:20:28 Sunflower song discussion
  • 03:28:50 The Leap of Faith
  • 03:50:42 The bread you deserve
  • 03:55:58 Spider-Team says goodbye
  • 04:03:05 Get Up Spider-Man
  • 04:07:35 The ending of the film