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The Movie Defenders

The Movie Defenders podcast is a show dedicated to talking about the best things about the films you love, not tear everything down.

Sep 24, 2018

It's part two of our episode celebrating our 1st Anniversary of the podcast!  In part one, Donald showed Scott a film he had never seen, and in part two Scott returns the favor and shows Donald a movie he once purposely avoided (for reasons he gets into), but has also been wanting to see recently... Chasing Amy!  The best film of Kevin Smith's 20+ year career was a launch pad for names like Ben Affleck, Joey Lauren Adams (Golden Globe Nomination), and Jason Lee.  One of the best romantic comedies out there, and honestly one of the best dramas as well, Chasing Amy has always made Scott well up with tears, so we'll see if it can do the same to Donald.  So if you haven't heard part one, be sure to check that out as well, and let's jump into a movie that hardly needs defending... Chasing Amy!