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The Movie Defenders

The Movie Defenders podcast is a show dedicated to talking about the best things about the films you love, not tear everything down.

Apr 29, 2018

It's a d20 Radio crossover in this new episode of The Movie Defenders!  Join hosts Scott and Donald, along with special guest host GM Hooly of The Dicepool Podcast to dive into this meaty beast of a film!  We also check in with GM Dave of the Order 66 podcast just as he's leaving the theater from seeing this movie.  We get his reactions live on air just minutes after witnessing that shocking, wild ending!  Your Avengers experience won't be complete until you listen to our analysis and even defend the film from critics (and yes there is a good deal of criticism).  Also join us as we dive into a lot of great news like Star Wars Resistance being announced, the new trailer for Venom, and the new Black Widow movie currently in development.  It's a comic book themed episode this week on The Movie Defenders!